About Constant Systems Limited

Constant Systems Limited is part of the Score Group of Companies and is a company specialising in providing niche bio-technical products and services to a global client base, Constant Systems has been involved in the design, development and manufacture of high pressure cell disruption equipment since 1989.

What is Cell Disruption?

Cell Disruption is used by scientists worldwide to aid research into diverse areas of science and in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs. This process is a method of releasing the intra cellular components of cells such as bacteria, yeasts, algae, mammalian and insect. The Cell Disrupters are used actively in key fields such as cancer research, diagnostics and therapeutics.

What else do Constant Systems Limited Offer?

Constant Cell Disruption Systems are based on the use of high pressure to accelerate a sample through a small fixed orifice at high speed, under controlled, contained and repeatable conditions.

Constant Systems range of high pressure cell disruptors offer a highly reliable, efficient, reproducible and flexible method of cell disruption.

In addition to cell disruption equipment Constant Systems also offer installation, repairs, servicing and technical support to a global market.

Constant Systems Inc the North American sister company of Constant Systems is based in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Constant Systems Limited & Constant Systems Inc

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Laboratory supply

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Cell disruption equipment




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