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Score Diagnostics Limited is a leader in valve leak detection using Acoustic Emissions (AE). Acoustic Emissions (AE) leak detection is about finding and quantifying valve leakages by examining the very high frequency noise a leaking fluid generates. Score has been involved in the development and application of this technology since the early 1990s and have built up significant experience in its use across the world. The equipment used is portable, non-invasive and intrinsically safe to ensure minimum disruption to operational plant.

A further technology developed by Score is V-MAP (Valve Monitoring for Analysis and Performance). V-MAP is a system that continuously monitors, alerts and reports on valve and actuator performance and condition. This is achieved via data collected from dedicated sensors and from data stored within an installation’s process control system. The software used with V-MAP allows Score valve specialists to have remote access which they can use to analyse a valve's performance and provide support when required.

V-MAP has been used in major projects such as Ormen Lange plant at Nyhamna, Norway, where 61 of the most critical valves are continuously monitored. V-Map has been able to capture a number of valve cycles which has in turn allowed Score and Shell analysts to begin the process of establishing baselines related to the in-plant operating conditions for each valve and begin the trending process and to provide real-time data to maintenance and engineering personnel.

Due to the production of V-MAP, Score Group is at the forefront of valve leak detection technology. As time has passed, with technology advancing and knowledge expanding, Score Group has now been able to develop and release to the various markets the MIDAS Meter®, the next step in valve leak detection. With the MIDAS Meter®, operators can easily and quickly find leaking valves and therefore take action to avoid product losses to the flare and fugitive emissions, confidently prepare for maintenance outages and avoid excessive valve damage due to prolonged leakage.

What services can Score Diagnostics Limited provide?

Score Diagnostics Limited are able to provide the following:

  • Valve diagnostic equipment & solutions
  • Valve condition monitoring equipment & solutions
  • Engineering consultancy
  • Valve diagnostics field services
  • Acoustic emissions sensors
  • Supply of MIDAS Meter®
  • Supply of MIDAS® Sensor
  • Supply of V-MAP® Systems
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