About Score Middle East FZE

Score Middle East FZE is a privately owned company which specialises in Intelligent Valve and Gas Turbine solutions. Score Middle East is part of Score Group plc., which is an international organisation consisting of 1400+ specialist co-workers, spread across 30 locations in 20 countries.

Score Middle East FZE's Workshop?

The office was established in Dubai U.A.E in 2005 and has a workshop in the Jebel Ali Free Zone. The combined offices, workshop and storage space amounts to approximately 400m2 with additional storage space on request and can therefore cater to all countries in the Middle East region.

Score Group is one of the largest stockists of valves worldwide, also providing sales, maintenance, modification, testing, expediting and inspection services amongst others to our clients on a global basis. We do not manufacture valves but are specialists who provide full valve management process to oil & gas companies and engineering contractors worldwide.

Our workshop is equipped with an 8 ton overhead crane, hydrostatic testing to 15,000 PSI, gas testing to 10,000 PSI (submerged) also a PSV test rig and engine stand.

Our Middle East FZE workshop services include processing ANSI and API valves up to 10,000 PSI also PSVs and control valves, stocking of valves and also testing of new valves and verifying them fit for purpose. We have an automation capability where new valves can be fitted with actuators and controls if required and is the Score centre of excellence in the area for our own diagnostic equipment. We also cater for the aftermarket requirements of the current supply chain valve companies in the area.

The Team

Score Middle East FZE part of the Score Group of companies Gas Turbine Solutions include the overhaul and repair of Rolls Royce AVON and RB211, Siemens TB5000 and TB5400. Industrial Gas Turbines; in addition we are able to supply service exchange units including complete engines and or modules. Score Group of companies is a world leader in providing support related to critical products & systems installed on Industrial Gas Turbines. We are approved by GE, Parker and Woodward and can support the market with spares parts sales, repair and overhaul of products such as fuel nozzles, valves, regulators and pumps, bleed air and thrust balance control valves, VSV and IGV actuators, starter motors, staging valves, hydraulic pumps, pre mixers etc for various engine types such as RR, GE, Siemens etc.

Our expertise include a team of technicians multi-skilled in valve and gas turbine expertise and can be mobilised from all over the world to carry our service/repair work scopes in-situ. Our teams work closely on different specialised subjects, in order to achieve the best service possible for our customers.

Fact File

Company Name

Score Middle East FZE

Market Sectors

Oil & Gas


Products & Services

Valve Supply

Valve Repair

Actuators & Valve Automation

Valve Testing

Field Support

Gas Turbine Overhaul

Gas Turbine Repair

Gas Component Supply

Fuel Burner Repair/Supply

Gas Turbine Testing



Head Office

PO Box 261906
Jebel Ali Free Zone
Dubai, UAE

Tel: + 971 4 8030000

Fax: + 971 4 8876829